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"We have been living in our home for 5 months now, and we comment every day how happy we are with the finished product. We completely owe it to Jamie and his guys that our home turned out to be even better than we hoped for. They made sure that every detail met our expectations. They got to know us and incorporated that knowledge into many of the finishes in our home. They also suggested many things that they thought that we would like that we had not thought of ourselves, and that made our home that much more special! We feel that they went above and beyond to help us think through all of the options available when we were trying to make decisions on various aspects that came up during the building process. We couldn’t have asked for better quality or for a nicer crew to work with. Jamie and his guys are true craftsmen with vision, and we would absolutely recommend working with them to anyone considering building or renovating a home."
- Mary & Kyle Boschen

"It was a pleasure from the beginning to the end working with Jamie and all his crew. We knew it would be a good connection when we interviewed Jamie because of his open and honest mannerism. The pride of his crew in their work product was obvious during a tour of a home they had recently completed. We knew we would need to build a trusting relationship with our contractor because of our permanent residence in California. Jamie and his crew were very supportive and helped facilitate important decisions throughout the building process. The project was a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience for both of us and the product a beautiful home."
- Bill & Karen Barrett

“We love our house. Cabin Creek did a fantastic job in everything expected- craftsmanship, creativity, capturing our needs and desires, coming in below budget! Jamie and his crew are a pleasure to be around and work with. If we were ever to build again, we would without doubt, hire Cabin Creek again. Our house would not be what it is without their insight – truly awesome.”
- Emily & Jason Cross

“Working with Jamie Smith & his crew at Cabin Creek was definitely one of the highlights for us, while building our home in Fraser. We chose Jamie because we felt that he would allow us to have as much input as we wanted during the building process. We were very involved (much more than the average client), & to Jamie’s credit, he was very patient & understanding with us through all of it. His integrity and honesty, as well as his ideas, made the whole process very enjoyable and exciting for us. We’re thankful and very glad to have used him, and for the friendships that have resulted from that.”
- Carl & Retta Yarbrough

“Our feelings about Cabin Creek Carpentry can be summed up in a simple statement – When it is time for us to build again in Grand County our contractor will be Cabin Creek."
- Gregg & Rowena Freebury

“Working with Jamie, his crew and sub-contractors has been a most rewarding experience. Quality, attention to detail and true craftsmanship only begin to describe the construction process with Cabin Creek Carpentry. From the design thru all facets of construction Jamie paid close attention to our budget and adhered to his established construction schedule. Given the opportunity to build again we would not hesitate to work with Cabin Creek Carpentry and Jamie Smith.”
- Jim & Tara Jamison

“Jamie Smith and his Cabin Creek Crew were a delight to work with. They have a high regard for building a quality product and their attention to detail is outstanding. Jamie gave us a very realistic estimate of the total costs before we started and his budget was right on target with the finished product. Most important to us, Jamie has the integrity that you wished was possessed by everyone you dealt with in the business world.”
- Paul & Rosie Hollrah

“The Cabin Creek Carpentry team is tops, thru and thru and we trust them completely. From Tokyo, the job would have been much more difficult to manage if it were not for Jamie and Mike’s guidance and decision-making. Literally, they were our eyes and ears. Jamie sent digital photos nearly every day, so we were able to stay in touch from afar. They are the best at living customer service in my experience. And by the way of background, I have been in the Real Estate business for my entire 31 year career, and developed many office and industrial projects. Cabin Creek Carpentry will most certainly be building the final phase of our project when the time comes.”
- Steve & Jane Sears


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